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                SOUTHERN SOFTWARE

                Founded in 2009 with registered capital of 22 million yuan, SOUTHERN SOFTWARE?is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on AI and big data technology research. At present, it has more than 100 employees. Adhering to the spirit of innovation in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the company has produced and developed a number of products which break the international monopoly and are well applied in the field of aerospace, based on its independent research and development.


                Products of SOUTHERN SOFTWARE?meet international standards, support various types of Boeing, Airbus and other aircrafts, and are applied in China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Shenzhen Airlines, China Express Airlines, SF Airlines, Cambodia Airlines and other airline companies. Following the guidance of the national independent innovation policy, the company actively participates in the construction project of COMAC’s domestic large aircraft C919, and provides flight data analysis system to COMAC with independent intellectual property rights. The company has established close cooperative relations with the Civil Aviation University of China, the Civil Aviation Flight University of China, Naval Aeronautical University as well as other colleges and universities. Through wide and extensive university-enterprise cooperation, the advanced technology and excellent talents are closely combined with the actual requirements, forming a huge driving force to promote technological progress, and producing impressive economic and social benefits. In the future, SOUTHERN SOFTWARE will continue to uphold “create continuous value for customers”as the mission, “preciseness, concentration, responsibility, innovation” as the corportate culture, and achieve great results in the aviation industry with innovative spirit, advanced technology and excellent service.

              2. Company address:4 / F, Block A3, Building 9, Shenzhen Bay Technology & Ecology Park, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.
              3. Website:www.drifterspoolroom.com
              4. Contact: 86-0755-88360200
              5. Email: info@drifterspoolroom.com
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